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Mr. Du Xin, the founder of WONZ, felt the pure nicotine aroma released by cured tobacco in the laboratory for the first time. Since then, an alternative health solution for the 1.5 billion smokers around the world has quietly sprouted in his mind. In the same year, WONZ Technology was established.


The functions of the equipment have been comprehensively upgraded, and the heat insulation and heating functions of the product have been improved. In particular, the material of the product has been further updated and iterated.


Cooperated with many service providers including MORPHEUS to expand online sales channels and obtained tens of millions of financing from XVC and other institutions. Apply for WHC (WONZ Heat Currents) heat rise technology, intelligent precision temperature control technology (error ±1 °C), high-efficiency filtration adsorption technology and many other technical patents.


The number of patent applications for WONZ Technology exceeded 111 and was listed in the "POC50·Top 50 Startup Companies with the Most Proof-of-Concept Capability" list


WONZ Technology adheres to its original intention of providing health solutions to smokers around the world, and sets clear annual goals for the company to move forward.

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