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1. Which areas does WONZ Technology specialize in?

WONZ Technology is a tech company focused on smoking harm reduction and digital therapy solutions for nicotine addiction. Our mission is to reshape smoking cessation therapy through digital technology.

2. How does the WONZ device achieve 90% harm reduction?

WONZ possesses two core technologies, fundamental harm reduction at the source and efficient filtration and adsorption. WONZ's WHC thermal distillation separation technology can prevent the production of harmful substances from combustion at the source; the proprietary WONZ filter contains microporous ceramic particles for efficient filtration and adsorption, further removing impurities from the smoke.

3. Can WONZ be used indoors, and will it produce secondhand smoke?

Compared to lighting a cigarette, using WONZ can reduce many types of toxic and harmful substances. With fewer harmful substances, the indoor air becomes fresher, and there's no smell of smoke, effectively reducing the harm of secondhand and thirdhand smoke (long-term adherence of solid smoke dust particles indoors), providing protection for family members around.

4. Can WONZ be brought on an airplane?

WONZ is a consumer electronics product. Its components do not contain flammable materials, and it can pass security checks without question. However, please note that you should not use WONZ on the flight or in any other no-smoking areas.

5. What are the main products of WONZ Technology?

In the field of digital therapy, WONZ Technology combines advanced technologies such as CBT and AI to digitize behavioral intervention therapies, developing digital medical treatments for nicotine addiction intervention, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) digital intervention, etc. Moreover, WONZ has launched the WONZ smart device for the smoke population. The product featurs compatibility with traditional cigarette, ease of use, dual functions of harm reduction and protection, and can help smoking reduce the inhalation of more than 90% of the main harmful substances, and also reduce tobacco cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

6. Who can use WONZ smart device?

Anyone who acknowledges that "smoking is harmful to health" can equip themselves or smoking around them with this WONZ product, serving as daily protection and assistance in quitting smoking.

7. How many harmful substances can be reduced by WONZ?

Reports from CNAS accredited testing institutions prove that, compared to lighting a cigarette, using WONZ can effectively reduce carbon monoxide by 92.8%, reduce tar by 85.6%, and also reduce formaldehyde, heavy metals, and over twenty other main harmful substances, with an overall effectiveness of over 90%.

8. What role does WONZ play in smoking cessation?

Medical research shows that persisting with WONZ for 7-21 days can significantly improve the physical condition of smoking.
Using WONZ for 7 days: Significant reduction in harmful substances from smoking and carbon monoxide exhalation levels.
Using WONZ for 14 days: Noticeable improvement in coughing, phlegm, oral and body odor issues.
Using WONZ for 21 days: Dependence on the taste of tar no longer exists, and there's a significant reduction in smoking cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


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