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Reduces Tar Odors 🧼
Scientifically Reduces Harm 🛡️
Minimizes Secondhand Smoke Risks 🚭
Modern Non-E-Cigarette Alternative 🌟
Engineered for Perfect Puffs 🎯
Multiple Flavor Options 🍃🍵🍊
User-Friendly and Portable 📍
Experience the Difference with WONZ L1 – Because Your Well-being Matters. 💚


We provide FREE Shipping on ALL orders. 

Average shipping times are 7-15Days. Tracking number is provided upon purchase.

🚬CIGPAL L1: Revolutionize Your Smoking Experience 🚬✨

Are you yearning to break the chains of smoking, desiring a step towards a smoke-free existence with grace and ease? Unveil WONZ CIGPAL L1, your sleek and subtle partner in crafting a healthier narrative for your smoking habits. With a blend of aesthetics and functionality, WONZ CIGPAL L1 harmoniously merges with your everyday life, equipping you with the means to loosen nicotine's hold and retain your authentic self.


We are dedicated to providing health solutions to the 1.5 billion smokers around the world!

Quality First

At WONZ, we stand firm on our commitment to excellence.

Each CIGPAL L1 is crafted with precision, a premium choice for health.

We outclass cheaper alternatives, championing durability and safety over harmful materials and flimsy construction.

Security guard in the palm of your hand

Embrace the craft of mindful inhalation with WONZ CIGPAL L1, your sophisticated alternative to conquer cravings. Experience a sensory symphony that transcends traditional smoking.

Real results are our solemn promise

#1 in The Quit-Nicotine Industry

WONZ has changed more than 50,000 people's lives over the last 3 years.

WONZ reduce

Tar by 85.6% (Tar contains a variety of carcinogens)
Carbon monoxide 92.8%
Formaldehyde 96.8%
Toxic organic compounds such as benzene 100%
Nitrosamines 100%
Acetone 99.9%
Chromium, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals 100%
Phenol and other phenolic toxic compounds 100%


Why choose such a product that is not cheap?

Find your favorite flavor!

Join us and rebuild your health in 21 days

The most important thing is to refrain from using vape or smoking cigarettes directly during these 21 days,then

Using WONZ for 7 days:📉Significantly reduces harmful smoke and carbon monoxide levels in the body.

Using WONZ for 14 days:💚Clearly improves issues such as coughing, phlegm, bad breath, and body odor.

Using WONZ for 21 days:🚭Significantly decreases dependence on tar flavor, reduces smoking cravings, and alleviates withdrawal symptoms.

🎉Persist with 21 days of use, and become free from nicotine dependence! 


How does the WONZ device achieve 90% harm reduction?

WONZ possesses two core technologies, fundamental harm reduction at the source and efficient filtration and adsorption. WONZ‘s WHC thermal distillation separation technology can prevent the production of harmful substances from combustion at the source; the proprietary WONZ filter contains microporous ceramic particles for efficient filtration and adsorption, further removing impurities from the smoke.

Can WONZ be brought on an airplane?

WONZ is a consumer electronics product. Its components do not contain flammable materials, and it can pass security checks without question. However, please note that you should not use WONZ on the flight or in any other no-smoking areas.

Who can use WONZ smart device?

Anyone who acknowledges that “smoking is harmful to health” can equip themselves or Smokers around them with this product, serving as daily protection and assistance in quitting smoking.

Can WONZ be used indoors, and will it produce secondhand smoke?

Compared to lighting a cigarette, using WONZ can reduce many types of toxic and harmful substances. With fewer harmful substances, the indoor air becomes fresher, and there’s no smell of smoke, effectively reducing the harm of secondhand and thirdhand smoke( long-term adherence of solid smoke dust particles indoors ), providing protection for family members around.

How many days will it take me to receive my order?

We provide FREE Shipping on ALL orders. 

Average shipping times are 7-15Days. Tracking number is provided upon purchase.

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